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A Drawing Hand



A 'drawing hand' is when the flop gives a player a chance to improve their hand to something much stronger through 'drawing' the required cards on the turn or on the river.

The term 'a drawing hand' is also used when the hole-cards give the chance of doing the same thing from the flop.

An example of a drawing hand:

Lets assume the player is in a late betting position which is an advantage.

The player holds:


Drawing Hand
Drawing Hand (8 or K needed for a straight, Kd or 8d straight flush.)


These hole-cards appear to be moderate, but the player continued in the betting because the cards were suited and the player's late position in the betting.

The flop produces:

The flop has now given the player a chance to 'draw' a straight flush, if the turn or the river happen to bring one of the following:

Alternatively, a King or an 8 of any other suit will give the player a straight and any diamond will give them a flush. The player's hand has increased its potential with the flop and the player has quite a good chance of drawing to a strong hand.

Remember: with drawing hands a player should only continue if the pot is big enough to balance out the risk of their desired hands not coming off. is an independent online poker information Web Site.


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